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What's emergency led light bar

Dec 6, 2015

 LED lights Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are solid-state semiconductors that convert electrical energy directly into light in a process After joining p-type and n-type semiconductors, electrons near the p-n interface tend to diffuse into the p region.

 The semiconductor material has to be thin enough to allow exit of light and is composed of either powder (bonded to the Emergency blue lights provide worthy vehicle flash light bar, it is completed soft and waterproof, faster strobe to be used for an Emergency lights on the vehicle.

Emergency blue lights' Specification & Features:1. Huge lights output by using 30 pieces 2835 power SMD LEDs, extremely bright.2. Fast, scanning strobe sequence.

3. The LEDs and PCB are encapsulated inside of resin, 100% waterproof.4. Only 1.5mm thick, easy to hide anywhere.5. 3M on the back of strip that ensures easy & firm installation.

6. Connect directly to the 12V vehicle electrical system without transformers.

7. Product size: 380mm (L) x 15mm (W).High-brightness LED lightbars, Police lightbars, warning lightbar, Strobe Light Bars for police car, ambulance, pursuit car. Matched with Siren and Speaker.

1. Available in various colors.2. Fully-sealed design, reaches lp53 international standard. Dust-proof, water-proof.3. Imported capacitors inside, controlled by composiitive micro-chip.

4. With 16 PCS of LED modules, 4 PCS take down lights and 2 PCS alley lights.5. PC dome, hard to crack and high anti distortion ability, electroplated with crystal, hard to fade.

6. Install speaker inside or outside of lightbar at your option.7. Length: 1200mm.8.. Using high power (1W) Gen-III LED tube, total 12pcs LED tubes.9. Having 23 kinds of flash patterns & pattern memory10. PC lens, ABS base11.. Working Voltage: 9V~30V DC12. Cigar plug with power and pattern switches13. Available in various colors: red, blue, amber, white, green14. Strong magnetic mounting or Screw mounting15.. Work Temperature: -30℃~ +65℃'16.. Weight: 0.7kg.17. Packing Size: 150*150*130mm.18. Warranty: one yearThere are three kinds of main application for emergency blue lights:1.Engineering vehicles which including Excavator, dozer, road roller, bulldozer, crane and mining truck and so on.2.Specialized vehicle which including Fire engine, police cars, rescue vehicle, communication vehicle, military command vehicle etc.3.Off-Road vehicles which including ATVs, SUV, truck, Forklift, trains, ship, bus, and tanks.There are some Competitive Advantages for emergency blue lights:1.Golddeer Security are professional Manufacturer of Emergency vehicle warning lights and warning alarm systems with more than 10 years' experiences. 2.All the products made by ourself with strict quality control. 3.Products are very popular in the American Market and also sale good in Europe, Asia. 

All in all,emergency led light bar can be used widely in many industries.Only by realizing the advantages of emergency blue lights,we can put it into practice.

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