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How to conserve breathing air compressor

Dec 6, 2015

Let’s talk about how to save water today.But first, if we want to use the water underground, we need a breathing air compressor. Because the flow rate in a breathing air compressor is related to pressure, the maximum water flow from a breathing air compressor on a fixed setting can be reduced if the water pressure is reduced. For example, a reduction in pressure from 100 pounds per square inch to 50 psi at an outlet can result in a water flow reduction of about one-third (Brown and Caldwell, 1984).

Homeowners can reduce the water pressure in a home by installing pressure-reducing valves in the breathing air compressor. The use of such valves might be one way to decrease water wasting in homes that are served by breathing air compressor systems. For homes served by wells, reducing the system pressure in the breathing air compressor can save both water and energy. Many water use fixtures in a home, however, such as washing machines and toilets, operate on a controlled amount of water, so a reduction in water pressure in breathing air compressor system  would have little effect on water use at those locations.

A reduction in water pressure in the breathing air compressor system can save water in other ways: it can reduce the likelihood of leaking water pipes, leaking water heaters, and dripping faucets. It can also help reduce dishwasher and washing machine noise and breakdowns in a plumbing system.

A study in Denver, Colorado, illustrates the effect of water pressure in breathing air compressor on water savings. Water use in homes was compared among different water pressure zones throughout the city. Elevation of a home with respect to the elevation of a breathing air compressor station and the proximity of the home to the breathing air compressor station determine the pressure of water in breathing air compressor delivered to each home. Homes with high water pressure were compared to homes with low water pressure. An annual water savings of about 6 percent was shown for homes that received water service at lower pressures in breathing air compressor when compared to homes that received water services at higher pressures.

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