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What is the structure of the sharpening wheel

Dec 6, 2015

     Sharpening wheel is mainly composed of a big wheel and a small wheel. Wheel diameter is 26 inches (about 0.66 m). Small wheel used for stability of the sharpening wheel, and help change the direction of travel of the sharpening wheel

.Its maximum load can reach 120 kg, so it is suitable for most people. It allows users to freely walk on the road.

     The sharpening wheel is composed of a large wheel and the small wheel, which allows users to freely walk through on the road. The sharpening wheel looks like half a bike, but it is no seat, handlebars and pedals, no seat. Its application method with the skateboard is very similar: users will be a foot (usually right foot) on the grinding wheel wheel side of the pedal, and then another pedal forward momentum. With this vehicle fuel consumption to more than up, is undoubtedly quite such. When the grinding wheel is able to get enough "horsepower", the user's body is also able to achieve a balance, he (she) can put the pedal to the foot of the wheels on the other side of the wheel.

     Sharpening wheel since going public in Britain, get the favour of people.

Whether to go to work, or to travel or to fitness, the light of the traffic can meet their needs, but also to avoid the traffic congestion caused by trouble. In addition, the grinding wheel can be carried, placed in the office, car and other places, users do not have to worry about it will be stolen. Grinding wheel is not equipped with brake device. Parke and Johnston, said: This is because they have been studied after the wheel does not install the brake device will be better. In case of emergency, the company recommends that users immediately "jump car" to seize the wheel of the hand, or let the wheel of freedom forward until its natural stop - grinding wheel will not be damaged, it is the use of high quality and high strength ABS plastic manufacturing. Grinding wheel at the rear end of the small wheels is designed for this purpose, it can help the user to change the direction in an instant -- first, users rely on the pedal to the foot drag reduction and twisting of the body to achieve a turn or U-turn.

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