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What are the types of industrial abrasives?

Dec 6, 2015

     There are many types of industrial abrasives.Below I give you a brief introduction about industrial abrasives.

     industrial abrasives---Diamond

     At present, the most hard material is diamond, the microhardness is 98.59Gpa. Diamond is allotropic carbon, the main ingredient is carbon, also containing 0.02~4.8% impurities, accounted for 3.15~3.53g/cm3. Its origin is very limited, not only expensive, but also very lack of. Diamond because it contains different impurity is black, dark brown, black and other large brittleness, easy to along the crystal plane of cleavage, crystallize more big resistance external force is stronger, the unit of measurement of the diamond is carat, 1 carat =0.2g. Natural diamond as the main purpose of abrasive has two aspects:(1) for dressing grinding wheel; (2) grinding and grinding difficult to process materials (such as hard alloys, precious stones, glass, stone, etc.).

     industrial abrasives---Natural corundum

     The main mineral composition of the natural corundum is Al2O3, the micro hardness is 20.58Gpa, the specific gravity is 3.93~4.00g/cm3. Natural corundum mainly the following three: (1) high quality corundum (commonly known as gems) sapphire (TI), Ruby (CR); (2) common corundum, a black or red brown; (3) emery, can be divided into emerald Emery and limonite emery, it is a collection of crystal, and the relatively low hardness. In the above three natural corundum, the first is mainly used for jewelry, and two can be as abrasive for manufacturing grinding wheel, abrasive, sandpaper, emery cloth or powder, grinding paste.

     industrial abrasives---Quartz

     The chemical composition of the quartz is SiO2, and it is often mixed with Al2O3, Fe2O3, MgO Fe2O3 CaO, etc.. The micro hardness is 8.04 Gpa, which can be used as abrasive quartz quartz quartz, quartz and quartz sand. With the development of science and technology, the variety of artificial abrasives has reached more than a few kinds, and the natural abrasives have been replaced by more and more man-made abrasives.

     industrial abrasives---Garnet

     Garnet crystal is good, hardness is 13.33Gpa. There are a lot of mineral species, but it is suitable to be used as a kind of iron aluminum garnet, which is composed of 3FeO.Al2O3.3SiO2,, and the content is not less than 85~90%.

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