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Attention to the installation of abrasive wheel

Dec 6, 2015

When we install the abrasive wheel, first of all to the safety and quality is testing, methods, with nylon hammer (pen) tapping the wheel side, crisp sound is no problem.

     Locating problem: where the abrasive wheel is installed, it is the first problem to be considered in the process of installation, and we can do other work only if we choose a reasonable and suitable position. The abrasive wheel machine is forbidden to be installed in front of the equipment and operation personnel or often someone in the past.If you can not set up a dedicated grinding wheel machine room,it should be installed protective fences whose height is not less than 1.8m  in the front of the wheel, and the file is required to effectively and efficiently.

     Balance problem: the imbalance of the abrasive wheel is mainly caused by the manufacture and the installation of the abrasive wheel. The harm caused by the imbalance is mainly manifested in two aspects, on the one hand in wheel rotates at a high speed, causing them to vibrate, easy cause workpiece surface to produce a polygonal oscillation mark; on the other hand, the imbalance in accelerated the vibration of the shaft and bearing wear, serious will cause the wheel broken, and even cause accidents. Therefore, straight much greater than or equal to 200mm sand office floor mounted on the chuck should first static balance, abrasive wheel after truing or at work found that imbalance should be repeated static balance.

     Matching problem: matching problem mainly refers to the problem of the grinding wheel chuck and supporting the installation of. In accordance with the standard requirements, the grinding wheel chuck diameter shall not be less than be installed sand disc diameter of 1 / 3, and the corresponding provisions of the grinding wheel wear to diameter ratio chuck diameter of 10 mm should be replaced with new grinding wheel. Therefore, reasonable match of the chuck and the grinding wheel, on the one hand can save equipment, cheyo materials; on the other hand and in conformity with the safety requirements. In addition, between the grinding wheel and the chuck also should be equipped with diameter greater than the diameter of the chuck 2mm, thickness of 1mm~2mm cushion.

     Protection problem:Protection cover is sand turbine the main protection device, its role is: when abrasive wheell at work for some reason failure to effectively covering the wheel fragments, ensure personnel safety.

     Bracket problem: the bracket is one of the accessories used in the sand turbine. According to the requirements of the grinding wheel diameter at 150mm above the sand turbine must be set up to adjust the bracket.

     Grounding problem: the use of the power line of the abrasive wheel machine, therefore, the equipment of the housing must have a good grounding protection device.

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