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We are concerned about the common sense of diamond cutting tools

Dec 6, 2015

     Before choosing and using diamond cutting tools, the user must understand the following common knowledge about the diamond cutting tools:

     Difference between coating:Amorphous diamond coating is a kind of carbon film deposited by PVD process. It is not only a part of the SP3 bond, but also a part of the carbon SP2 bond; its film hardness is very high, but lower than the hardness of the diamond film, its thickness is also more than we usually deposited diamond film to be thinner. The service life of amorphous diamond coated tool is 2-3 times of the uncoated carbide tool when machining graphite. Compared with that, CVD diamond is a pure diamond coating deposited by CVD process. The tool life of graphite is 12-20 times of hard alloy cutting tools, so it can decrease the number of times and improve the reliability and accuracy of the processing.

     The machining of hardened steel:Diamond is made up of carbon atoms. Some of the materials in when heated, it will suck the diamond from the carbon atoms and the formation of carbides in the workpiece. In the use of diamond cutting tools to process the iron family materials,the heat caused by the friction causes the carbon atoms in the diamond to spread to the iron, resulting in the chemical wear and failure of the diamond coating.

     Limit tool:For the use of the diamond growth. The chemical properties of the surface of the cutting tool can be changed due to the requirement of the coating.

     The service life of cutting tools

:Like any other tool, the life of the diamond cutting tools is different, depending on the cutting material, the selection of the feed rate and cutting speed, and the geometry of the workpiece.In general, the life of the diamond cutting tools for machining graphite is 10-20 times that of uncoated carbide tools, and in some cases may be even longer.In this way, we can use a tool to complete almost any processing tasks, without the need for tool wear and tool wear and tool change, to avoid the processing interruption and re calibration, which is possible to achieve unattended processing. In the processing of composite materials, it is also possible to obtain a long tool life.

According to the report, in the processing of high density glass fiber, carbon fiber and Gl0-FR4 and other difficult processing composite materials, the life of the diamond cutting tools can be as high as 70 times the uncoated carbide tool.

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