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Solid wood office furniture and various kinds of wood advantages and disadvantages

Dec 6, 2015

We here said that the solid wood office furniture refers to the pure solid wood office furniture, is not through any two processing of natural materials, do not use any artificial board made of furniture, which is the price of solid wood office furniture, environmental health and simple. Solid wood office furniture is also divided into a lot of, which kind of solid wood office furniture is good?

     To understand the kind of solid wood office furniture that kind of wood, of course, or to understand the types of wood office furniture.

     Peach core wood, teak, mahogany, walnut Chinese catalpa wood, Manchurian ash, elm in the northeast, Meranti, camphor wood, basswood, birch, maple, beech, cherry, cypress and yew, Korean pine, oak, yellow pineapple, Juglans mandshurica, Schima superba, Melia azedarach, Chun Hong, jujube, etc. are the main solid wood furniture made of wood. A lot of varieties, we should be cautious in the purchase of the time, pay attention to invoices and other lists.

     What kind of wood is good wood furniture from the value. This is no doubt the mahogany. Mahogany and including the red sandalwood, Huali wood, incense sticks of wood, black acerbity branch, red acerbity branch wood, ebony, striped Ebony Wood wings eight categories. Mahogany belong to the log, itself has a very high collection value, the Ming and Qing Dynasties a lot of high-grade furniture are used it to do. Now the market price of mahogany furniture at least 10 million.

     Look good is the pine furniture solid wood office furniture wood from which benefits angle. Pine furniture is the cheapest of all solid wood furniture in a, there are many advantages of the natural environment, is a good material for solid wood furniture for children, but there are also disadvantages, is pine furniture texture is soft, easy to deformation, also cannot bear the weight.

     From a practical point of view solid wood furniture, what kind of wood to number of elm elm, the two wood wood is hard, made out of furniture quality is relatively good, texture clear, anti termite effect, practicality is also relatively strong, compared to the price of mahogany cheaper.

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