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maintenance skills of quality office furniture

Dec 6, 2015

1,quality office furniture--- Solid wood

     Solid wood office furniture for office desks, office chairs, etc.To pay more attention to cleaning, place and move three when maintenance.In the cleaning we must avoid sharp scratch on it.For stubborn stains we also do not use wire brush or hard brush to clean, we should use soft cloth dipped in take powerful cleaning agent to wipe. When placed, it should also pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, because the surface of the paint to make it fast oxidation. In addition, in moving to be careful, avoid damage to the paint surface bump. 

     2,quality office furniture---Dermis

     Leather office furniture is used in senior leadership office,to highlight corporate grade, itself has a good softness and color, poor maintenance can easily be damaged.We need to pay more attention to two aspects in the maintenance: display and cleaning.In the display, the same wood furniture, should try to avoid direct sunlight. In a clean, it should be with thin cloth dipped in a small amount of water to wipe and dry with a soft cloth to wipe, for stubborn stains is the best choice of professional cleaning agent to clean.        

     3,quality office furniture---Fabric

     In the reception room of many enterprises  will be equipped with a certain degree of cloth furniture.It can make the reception of customers have a sense of closeness.These furniture cloth the cloth is soft comfortable type, easy to dirty easily damaged,we need to pay special attention to the cleaning of the maintenance.For products that are dust, dirt, and products made of imported fabrics, only need to use a clean wet towel to wipe clean. For those products that are particularly vulnerable to dirty, it is best to send a professional cleaning shop cleaning, can prevent deformation, extend its service life.

     4,quality office furniture--- Plating and abrasive glass

     At ordinary times, only need to avoid placing in the environment can be placed in a more sleep; in the clean, it is only need to use a dry cloth to gently wipe can be bright as new.However, we must pay more attention when moving, not holding a glass countertop mo

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