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What are the size of the small desks for home

Dec 6, 2015

Today, many families with children will be equipped with a small desks for home . Small desks for home as a child's learning space, comfort is the most important. Therefore, in order to choose a small desks for home, it is necessary to understand the size of it.

     introduction of small desks for home

     Compared with the ordinary desk, small desks for home will be relatively small, but the desk has complete function. More time for the children to use, so the overall size is more consistent with the child's height and size.

     The size of a small desks for home

     A small table is the same with the ordinary desk,also need to accord with the principle of human engineering.The size of the desk chair should be combined with the height and size of the use, so that it will be beneficial to the health of the body, especially the growth of the child, the appropriate size of the small desk width is more conducive to bone development.In general, the standard of the students small desk is 1100-1200mm, height is 760mm, the width is 550-600mm. Children under 14 years of use of the small desk, the table should be at least 400*500mm., height should be 580-710mm, the standard for the seat of the seat height of 400-500mm, the overall height is not more than 800mm, this size can basically meet the needs of school-age children.

     Fixed small desk: depth 450-700mm (600mm for the best), height 750mm.


Movable type small desk: depth 650-800mm, height 750-780mm.

     Single small desk: available depth * width for 600*1100mm mesa, high 710-750mm.At the bottom of the mesa to the chest of drawers not can be more than 125 mm, or standing up, will hit the leg.

     When people buy a desk, it attaches great importance to the size of the table and have been entangled in desk sizes.If it is for children to buy a desk, you might choose to buy a small desk, because its size is more suitable for children, help bone development.

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