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There is a large number of discount office supply

Dec 6, 2015

discount office supply---Stationery Office supplies

     1, file management: a hole (two holes, three holes folder folder, nonporous folder (single powerful folder, double strong clip, long clip), report folder, plate holder, folders, work hanging clamp, computer folders, paper clip etc.

     2, desktop accessories: stapler, nail puller, punch, scissors, knife (wallpaper knife etc.

     3, the office of thin: binding of the wireless, the spiral, the leather, the paper took the loose leaf, etc.

     discount office supply---Office consumables

     1, printing supplies, ink cartridges, ribbons, toner: toner, component

     2, binding supplies: binder, binding ring, transparent sheet, embossed paper binding


     discount office supply---General merchandise stores

     Daily necessities: Living paper, disposable supplies, cleaning supplies, labor supplies, hardware tools, carbonated drinks, tea office coffee, pure water and so on.

     discount office supply---Office equipment

     1, office equipment: shredding machine, binding machine, check printer, attendance machine, currency count machine, presses, business card scanner, telephone

2, IT equipment: computers, projectors, printers, fax machines, printers, multi - functional machine, scanners, cameras, cameras, switches, routers


     discount office supply---Financial products

     Books, ink, stamp pad

     Office supplies distribution, according to the market situation, generally referring to the office supplies sales company based on the demand side, according to the requirement of picking, then delivery to the designated locations, demand side through bank transfer, such as cash, check or to advance local and office supplies sales enterprises settled a office supplies sales.

Because most companies or factories due to the number of large, complex, often in the office supplies demand and purchase on a large and complex. Appeared on the market a company to provide professional office supplies distribution and delivery services. These companies usually have their own independent website, through the website display their products, and customers according to the demand, order by phone or fax, the company to customer demand for products in the commitment of time sent to the specified location. To solve the problem of factory purchasing many tedious, allows customers to save time, improve work efficiency.

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