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the choice of home office furniture wood

Dec 6, 2015

How to understand the kind of home office furniture, of course, or to understand the kind of home office furniture wood. Home office furniture timber peach core wood, teak, mahogany, walnut Chinese catalpa wood, Manchurian ash, elm in the northeast, Meranti, camphor wood, basswood, birch, maple, beech, cherry, cypress and yew, Korean pine, oak, yellow pineapple, Juglans mandshurica, Schima superba, Melia azedarach, Chun Hong, jujube, etc.. A lot of varieties, we should be cautious in the purchase of the time, pay attention to invoices and other lists.

    Home office furniture wood ranking list is what kind of? 1, pine, fir and cork is not suitable for making furniture, is not recommended to buy. 2, the most common hardwood is rubber wood (and oak yizizhicha, but the quality is far worse), although of humble origin, but because of its low cost, manufacturers widely used, some brands of furniture is also useful the material, if the price is really cheap can also be consider. 3, alder, birch wood, almost three, is a mid-range wood, the price is not high can be considered. 4, beech, ash is a good material, but the price is not cheap. 5, while the oak, cherry wood are high-grade import material, sell is also a high-end luxury furniture.

    What's good for home office furniture? Different home office furniture timber price differences certainly exist. In fact, it is not difficult to see a home office furniture timber price difference how much, if if you on the home office furniture wood is not very familiar with, the purchase of the election of the time may will suffer, so we before the purchase of Home Office furniture wood, be sure to go look at the material and price differences, more comparisons end of regulation is good.

    What kind is good? Home office furniture production difficult, difficult to identify, the average person is very difficult to correctly identify, is a professional personnel, nor is it able to identify correctly, usually need to destroy the nature of the sample can be the ultimate. Therefore, there is no way to give you any real value of the identification method. And it may be involved in the sale of the problem is also more, so, to everyone's only recommendation is to buy a large number of brands, the protection of brand home office furniture wood.

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