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The survival law of inexpensive office furniture in stores

Dec 6, 2015

Under the influence of many factors, such as the anti-corruption environment, increasing the cost of raw materials, and the industry competition,inexpensive office furniture has officially entered the stage of shuffling.Office furniture industry which facing a severe crisis of survival are more positive than before to explore new way out.Store sales of inexpensive office furniture has never been the main channel marketing; most enterprises adopt the traditional marketing model, such as door-to-door sales, government procurement, exhibition and so on. In recent years, with professional furniture stores, Xianghe Italian inexpensive office city, Shijiazhuang Dongming Dimoma office furniture museum, such as the emergence of experience, which  provides a new marketing choice for inexpensive office furniture enterprises.

     So, how manufacturers settled in store to better survival?I passed through the business, summed up the five major survival rules.

     Rule 1: choose the booth to be hard

     When choosing the booth in dealer

,, first is to find out their market positioning and product style, product selection and matching of the booth, don't only to save money and blindly narrow area, also avoid the gourd ladle.

     Rule two: avoid homogenization of products and display modes

     The  homogeneity of inexpensive office furniture is not an individual phenomenon.Part of the brand's positioning is fuzzy, product appearance, function, materials, and other similar, as most of the artificial plate, color is given priority to with brown, walnut, gray, similar to the design, it makes very little difference.Settled in the means of display products is very simple, most just simple product placement, the most is put on the table a few fish tanks, bonsai, computer samples, or in the corner of a few pots of green plants, the basic no soft loaded consciousness, booth is not designed to feel.And many manufacturers want to seize the market share through rapid expansion, so the same brand in the same store has two booths for a few. The expansion strategy has no right or wrong, but the same store in the same place to display the same furniture, in a certain extent, also led to the homogenization of the store products. 

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