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heating test with water solar panels

Dec 6, 2015

Recently, some friends want to use solar water heater to heat the fish tank. My idea is to use water solar panels directly to heat.The usual practice of using solar power is that the water solar panels and batteries are connected with a controller, and the output of the inverter is converted into an alternating current with an electric device.Thus,construction costs will be higher. Also, the battery is a consumable, every two or three years for a time. In exchange for a battery of the money is not as direct pay electricity.So, I imagine the solution is to take the water solar panels directly connected to the heating wire heating tank. Just change the municipal electric heating work in the daytime, at night. For electricity you could save a little bit.

     My experiment site is my home. Is to do the test for the company, because the sky is overcast, used to do a private life. Three pieces of 20W solar panels, this experiment uses only one of the two groups.

     Test method is that put the battery board output on the 20 ohm resistor (no more suitable heating device), placed in the right 600ml coke bottle. Left side of the bottle as a control group.

Today Yin, no sun. Breeze, outdoor temperature of 21 degrees celsius.

After 1 hours of work (ignoring the wizened Loquat-Shaped Cake, want to see the flowers in the afternoon edition map)

Water temperature is equal to ambient temperature, 22 degrees

Test group water temperature 26 degrees

The result is: 40W solar panels, in the absence of the sun's cloudy, an hour will be 600mL water temperature increased to 4 degrees.The experiment is like this,a friend who is interested in this experiment can see it.There are many ways of heating, if you have a better way, and we can share with us, we will very happy

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