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A brief introduction to the types of biofuels

Dec 6, 2015

Biofuel refers to solid, liquid or gaseous fuels from biomass composition or extraction can be replaced by the oil to produce gasoline and diesel is an important direction of the development and utilization of renewable energy.The types of biofuelsare variety, according to the composition of the material,the types of biofuels can be divided into the following several:

     types of biofuels---biomass liquid fuel

     Biomass fuel. The raw material for livestock manure, industrial organic wastewater, plants, city garbage etc.. Biomass fuel can replace diesel oil, heavy oil, natural gas, directly used in industrial boiler combustion and various industrial furnaces (metallurgy, glass, ceramic kiln) direct combustion; after re processing can replace gasoline, diesel oil, used in vehicles, ships and other transportation areas. The cost of biofuels is higher than that of fossil fuels, but the potential for technological innovation to reduce costs is enormous. In addition, the non food raw materials or agricultural waste as raw material to the conversion of bio fuel will have a stronger price competitiveness.

     types of biofuels---biomass solid forming fuel 

     It is a more economical fuel, its raw materials mainly come from the straw and forest residues (logging, the remainder of the material and machining), wood sawdust, peanut shell, bark, after carbonization of biomass granulation machine processed into a diameter of about 6 to 8 cm, length as the diameter of about 5 times higher than that in the bulk fuel. Biomass molding fuel is convenient to feed, heat, clean, do not pollute the environment, is a conservation oriented fuel. Especially after carbonization, the utilization rate of fuel heat energy can reach 90% or more. Can be used for heating, thermal power generation of fuel.At present, forming fuel is the most widely used in our country, and it has the most types in our country.   

     types of biofuels---Biomass gas fuel

     Unconventional natural gas generated from biomass. Generally come from biomass methane, or the solid biomass gasification furnace heating, at the same time through the air, oxygen or water vapor, to produce a higher grade of combustible gas, such as natural gas. It is characterized by gasification rate of up to 70%, the thermal efficiency can reach 85%. Biomass gasification can be used for the synthesis, heating, power generation and so on. It is very important for the rich and the remote mountain area. It can not only change the quality of life, but also can improve the efficiency and save energy.

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