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the types of solar power renewable

Dec 6, 2015

Solar power renewable has two major types: one is the sun's rays (also known as solar energy), and the other is the solar thermal power (also known as solar thermal power generation).

Solar photovoltaic power generation is a way of generating solar energy directly into electricity. It includes four types of photovoltaic power generation, photochemical generation, light induced generation and optical biological power generation, in which there are electrochemical photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic cells and photovoltaic cells.

Solar thermal power generation is the first to convert solar energy into heat, and then converted into electrical energy, which has two kinds of transformation. One is the direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy, such as semiconductor or metal material temperature difference power generation, vacuum devices in the thermal and thermoelectric power generation, alkali metal thermoelectric conversion, as well as magnetic fluid power generation, etc.. Another way is to will solar heat through the heat engine, such as steam turbine driven generator, and conventional thermal power is similar, but is it not heat from the fuel, but from the solar energy.

Principles of solar power renewable

     The use of solar energy is not very popular, the use of solar power renewable still has a high cost and low conversion efficiency, but solar cells in the artificial satellite to provide energy for the application.Solar energy is the energy which produced by the continuous nuclear fusion reaction processes in the solar interior or the surface of the sunspot.

Structure of solar power renewable

     Solar power generation is a device for converting solar energy directly into electrical energy by using the battery pack. The solar cell module is a solid device which can be used to realize the conversion of P-V by the electronic properties of semiconductor materials. The device can be implemented easily for the user's lighting and life power supply. Some developed countries can also be used to realize the complementary to the regional power grid.From the point of view of civil, in foreign countries, technology research is mature and industrialization is the "photovoltaic - building (lighting) integration" technology, and domestic research and production for the use of small solar power generation system for home lighting. 

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