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the best solar panel distributors in china

Dec 6, 2015

China has a lot of solar panel distributors, but we must be one of the best.Let the panel distributors to introduce our products.

     product introduction of solar panel distributors:

     The high power output of the battery silicon to ensure stability and durability.

     The strict quality testing in compliance with international quality testing standards.

     The high transparent toughened glass and corrosion EVA effective protection of the panels.

     The performance guarantee of stability power output.

     Product features of solar panel distributors:

     High conversion rate, high output;

Weak light effect - excellent;

- adopt high transmittance tempered glass quality;

Unique technology makes the component beautiful and strong anti snow, convenient installation

The unique technology within the framework of water freezing and avoid deformation;

- features: environmental protection, easy to use, the use of economic cycle, reflecting the environmental protection, modern science and technology, and human culture.


 of products:

     The solar garden lights

The small household lighting system

The solar street lighting

The solar outdoor advertising

] for a variety of small power electric appliances, emergency light ah, advertising lamp, traffic lights, household lamps, electric fan, such as solar water pump, solar street lamp small solar system.

     Now let olar panel distributors tell you how to identify the quality of the battery, as well as the service life of the battery plate:

     First, the raw materials, battery components, EVA, back, aluminum alloy frame, steel, if the use of low-quality batteries, it will produce irregular phenomenon, in the process of lamination defects, copper tin copper bending, tightening phenomenon; and will produce bubbles, which prove that in 160 degrees high temperature heating and sealing process will still produce residual voids, the battery is very important to seal the oxidation, including the use of space, including the gap filling, which is a very important part of the process. 25-year guarantee from the life of the product in our own rigorous testing and processing of raw materials, rigorous.

     Our solar panel distributors can give customers a variety of specifications of the size of the battery plate, conventional solar panels.

Non conventional solar panels, solar power generation system, photovoltaic power generation system. Solar integrated light.

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