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Setting principle of solar power for your home

Dec 6, 2015

Application classification of solar power for your home:

     Off grid power generation system

     It is mainly composed of solar cell module, controller, battery, if you want to supply AC load, but also need to configure AC inverter.

     Grid connected power generation system

     The solar energy module generates the DC power through the grid connected inverter to meet the requirements of the city electricity grid, and then directly access to the public grid. Grid connected power generation system has centralized large grid connected power station is generally a national power plant, the main feature is that the power generation can be directly delivered to the grid, the power grid unified deployment to the user.

the controller of solar power for your home:

     the controller of solar power for your home is made up of special processor CPU, electronic components, display, switching power tube, etc..

battery of solar power for your home:

     The role of the battery is to store the energy of the solar cell board when the light shines, and then release it when needed.Solar energy storage battery is the application of the battery in the solar photovoltaic power generation.The main use of solar energy storage battery is: lead-acid maintenance free storage battery and battery, the two types of batteries, because of its inherent "free" maintenance characteristics and the characteristics of less pollution, it is suitable for the performance of the solar power system, especially unattended workstations. 

Design principle of solar power for your home:

     1, need to address the use of electric voltage, power;

     2, the daily working hours, continuous rainy days to protect the time;

     3, whether there is backup power supply;

     4, system using regional and climate data;

     5, if it is to power supply, the best equipment to provide the name, specifications or technical parameters.

Setting principle of solar power for your home:

     Factors that need to be considered in the design of solar power for your home:

     1, household solar power generation in where to use? What is the situation of the solar radiation?

     2, how much is the load power of the system?

     3, how much is the output voltage of the system, DC or AC?

     4, how many hours a day will the system need to work?

     5, if there is no sunlight irradiation of the rainy weather, the system needs to be continuous power for many days?

     6, load, pure resistive, capacitive or inductive, large starting current?

     7, the number of system needs.

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