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Raw material characteristics of home solar panel

Dec 6, 2015

Home solar panel is the core part of the solar power generation system, the role of solar panels is to convert the solar energy into electric energy, the output DC power into the storage battery. Home solar panel is one of the most important parts of the solar power generation, the conversion rate and the service life are the important factors to determine whether the solar cell has the use value. Component design: according to the requirements of the International Electrical Commission IEC:1215:1993 standard design, the use of 36 or 72 polysilicon solar cells to form a series of 12V and 24V of various types of components. The module can be used for a variety of household photovoltaic systems, stand-alone photovoltaic power plants and grid connected photovoltaic power plants, etc..

     Raw material characteristics:

     Home solar panel with high efficiency (more than 16.5%) of the single crystal silicon solar panels, to ensure the full power of solar panels.


     Home solar panel with low iron tempered Velour glass (also known as clear glass), thickness of 3.2mm, in the wavelength range of solar cell spectral response (320-1100nm) pervious to light rate was 91%, for more than 1200 nm infrared light with high reflectivity. This glass is not only solar ultraviolet light radiation capability, and the transmission rate is not decreased.


     The home solar panels with the thickness of the anti UV agent, antioxidant and curing agent is 0.78 quality EVA film as solar battery sealant and glass, TPT between coupling agent. It has high transmittance and anti ageing ability.


     The back cover of the solar cell board of the household solar panels is white, and the reflection of the sun is reflected, so the efficiency of the components is slightly improved. Of course, this fluorine plastic film first has the basic requirements of the solar cell packaging materials required for aging, corrosion resistance, and other basic requirements.


     The aluminum alloy frame used in the domestic solar cell board has a high strength, and has a strong impact resistance. It is also the most valuable part of the household solar power generation. The function is to convert the radiation of the sun to the electric energy, or to store it in a storage battery, or to drive the load to work.

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