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Material classification of chinese solar panels

Dec 6, 2015

Chinese solar panels are a device for converting solar radiation into electrical energy by absorbing sunlight, or by direct or indirect effects of the photoelectric effect. The main materials for most solar panels are "Silicon", but they are not widely used. Compared with ordinary batteries and rechargeable batteries, solar cells are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly green products.

     Material classification of chinese solar panels:

     At present, crystalline silicon materials (including polysilicon and single crystal silicon) is the most important photovoltaic material, its market share in more than 90%, and in the future for a long period of time is still the mainstream of solar cells.

     Crystalline silicon cell board: polycrystalline silicon solar cell, single crystal silicon solar cell.

Amorphous silicon cell plate: thin film solar cells, organic solar cells.

Chemical dye battery plate: dye sensitized solar cell.

Flexible solar cell.

     Application areas of chinese solar panels:

     1 solar power supply

     2. Traffic applications, such as lamp, Yuxiang lights, high-altitude obstacle lamp, unmanned duty station power supply / railway signal lights, traffic warning signs.


3 communication / communication field: solar unattended microwave relay station, power supply system;small communications machine, soldiers GPS power supply, etc..


4 oil, marine and meteorological fields: Ocean detection equipment, hydrological observation equipment, etc..

     5. The light source, such as garden lights, street lamps, portable lamp, camping lamp,black light lamp, tapping lamps, energy-saving lamps and so on.

     6 photovoltaic power plants: 10KW-50MW stand-alone photovoltaic power station, the scenery (CHAI),a variety of large parking charging station, etc..

     7. Other areas include: (1) and auto accessories: car solar / electric vehicles, battery charging equipment, automobile air conditioner, fan, cold boxes; (2) the solar hydrogen fuel battery renewable power generation system; (3) desalination equipment power supply; (4) satellites, spacecraft, space solar power and other.

     Generation principle of chinese solar panels:

     The chinese solar panels are a device that responds to light and can convert light energy into electricity.When the light is illuminated by the surface of the solar cell, a part of the photons are absorbed by the silicon material. The energy of the photon is transferred to the silicon atoms, which makes the electrons in the P-N junction.

     Service life of chinese solar panels:Solar cell board's service life is determined by the material of the battery, toughened glass, EVA, TPT and other materials, the use of a material can be used to make a good life can reach 25 years, but with the environmental impact, the material of solar panels will change with time and aging. Generally used in the 20 years of power will be attenuated by 25, 30% years of power will be used to 70%.

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