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How to use double sided duct tape in life

Dec 5, 2015

We have used double sided duct tape, because of its simple operation to understand, in the absence of adult education, the children know how to use double sided duct tape.It is increasing the infinite imagination to our life.Many things may seem simple, but really want to do, it is not as easy as imagined,so the use of double sided duct tape is.Although the use of the operation technique is very simple, the heart of a friend will find that each person using double sided duct tape method are not the same, the final two side glue to achieve the effect also has a big difference, if you want to make double glue to achieve the best effect, you need a set of professional use. 

     In order to make it easier for us to learn the use of double sided duct tape, I give you a look at the use of it. The use of double side adhesive tape is divided into 4 steps.

     First we have to choose the  using  temperature  of double sided duct tape.Usually the indoor temperature are possible,But don't  paste in the very cold environment.For example now it is winter, in northern outdoor temperature is 0 degrees Celsius or low to minus the number of degrees Celsius degree.If you paste directly in this environment, the effect will not be too ideal. Of course, there is no relationship between the high temperature. 

     Second to pay attention, we must have to clean the surface of the sticky material, clean when we can use water, or use alcohol, to ensure that the surface of the sticky surface has no dust free. 

     Now to the third step I can ready to stick double sided duct tap, Stick one end to the surface., and then along the direction to paste the slowly stick, in the sticky do not directly by hand to pressure the double-sided adhesive tape, stick to another head when cut double sided duct tape. 

     It has been put on the double side adhesive tape, the fourth step is to fix the double side adhesive tape for the exhaust, which is a very important part of the effect and the effect of the double side adhesive tape and service life are directly affected. Generally we will use the hand directly to the exhaust, so that the surface effect is not good, but also very prone to bubbles; professional practice is to use the drum from one end to the other side of the pressure slowly, so that the exhaust effect is good, more firmly stick

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