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What is the use of colored masking tape

Dec 5, 2015

All kinds of hand can let us enjoy the slow life, love the manual DIY is a kind of good habits of the people. No matter how busy we are, don't forget to leave some time for yourself. Today I will introduce the use of colored masking tape.

     Looking at a colorful rolls of colored masking tape,Is your mood clearing up at once?Seemingly ordinary tape should have so many patterns and colors, through a simple tear, sticky, no professional tools, we can play a unique collage game, whether adults or children can easily get started. 

     What is the use of colored masking tape?let us experience the magic of let us experience the magic of color tape.

     1, sticky hair: hair floors, carpets is disagreeable, pinch the not, sweep of the endless, whisk away, helpless family members every day have hundreds of root hair metabolism, how to do? Stick! Find a roll of tape width, run out of a scissor, with the use of disposable, even to the dust also follow. Look, to clean it, so simple.

     2, the replacement of the rope: can be used to do the tied rope?. Especially in the era of rope scarcity. Adhesive tape can be used to seal the box, but also to become a rope, the upper and lower left and right to seal a few road, and then set aside a hand-held position (remember that more than this position can also be used to tape around a few, can be dispersed by force, reduce the burden of the hand) not worried about the load strength, more than a few laps around myself. 

     3, used to do the lifting rope: carry heavy, the hand will be painful? Afraid of foaming? With colored masking tape, in need to carry on the backpack with a few laps, both hands so free. 

     4, error correction: correction fluid containing toxic chemicals, that in any way correction, with a rubber? Or use sticky tape, non-toxic harmless, kids know. Used to be a part of them, they are also the stars, it is clever. Now to choose, new rainbow soft color and beautiful dream tape? 

     5, the clothes dust: who did not a few favorite black clothes, a accidentally covered from the nap of the other clothing, who also receive not black coat and skirt from elegant party level reduced to kitchen rags, don't worry, just use sticky tape, three five divided by two, do calm.


6, decorative gift: DIY pure Handmade, personally send out enough sincerity gift packaging.


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