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To introduce to you a very affordable desks

Dec 5, 2015

We are committed to creating a rich modern atmosphere, minimalist fashion of office furniture, and constantly learn from some of the leading edge of the design style, do the Internet people love office furniture, we continue to strengthen management and efficiency, and strive to produce the most cost-effective office furniture, let you dream of a venture to easily set sail.

     The products have been developed:Boss executive office desks and chairs series, affordable desks and chairs series, meeting to discuss the tables and chairs series, reception and filing documents, we have experienced technical staff, can be customized personalized office furniture. Full set of high standard production line, and it passed the ISO9001, 4001, and other management system certification, furniture products through the Chinese construction industry environmental protection is higher than the national standard E1.

     Specification model of affordable desks:1800*400*750 et al.

     Color of affordable desks:Warm white drawing, such as maple color color can be customized.

     Environmental protection class:E1 level environmental protection

     Material description of affordable desks:

     1, panel of affordable desks: 2.5cm thick E1 grade environmental protection board production

2, base material hardware description:

Substrate: the E1 level environmental particleboard production, suitable for 3 people, can be separated or combined placement, plate free formaldehyde to release a quantity to 2.9mg/100g, is better than the national standard E1 is less than or equal to 9mg / 100g, after moisture, insects and chemical anti-corrosion treatment, density 700kg/m3 above water cut rate below 10%, high degree of compression, well balanced, no volatile harmful ingredients.

2. Edge: table plate with the same color, 2mm thick quality PVC edge, fully automatic machine edge, natural color, smooth surface, texture clear, edge is firm.

     We have advocated the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and business philosophy, adhere to the quality first, the user is supreme, honest purpose, adhere to the aim at the market, increase the technological transformation, new product development, strengthen management, to accelerate the development of the principle, with cutting-edge technology, quality service in the fierce competition in the market come to the fore. Over the years, the mountain school with and has won the praise of many customers with high quality products and humanized design, perfect service, to highlight the performance of the. Tenet: quality first, customer first, sincerity oriented, Georgia Shou credibility development ideas, aim at the market, increase technical innovation, new product development, strengthen management, increase investment, accelerate development. Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit us, create albert.

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