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What is a Jon boat

Dec 5, 2015

What is a Jon boat, Jon boat is a flat-bottomed boat, is made up of aluminum, fiberglass, or with a wood, and built two or three bench. It is very convenient, but also is very good-looking. They are suitable for fishing and hunting. For barge, it slide is more, in the great lakes, driving is safe in the sea, like my house is the gondola, stop the ship is in port are stable, not easily influenced by the wind! Like this, of course, Jon boat, usually on the calm water of the lake fishing, like the sort of, again big point can also for hunting. In this way, you can easily understand what is a Jon boat.


Simply understanding what is a Jon boat, below to popularize the barge and pointed the difference between bottom boat. Hull by deck, side panel, floor, next to the keel, keel, dragon, frame, stem, stern post and other artifacts. Actual ship hull structure is very complex, and the hull of a ship model structure is simple. Pointed bottom boat better able to bear the pressure of water, large ships multi-purpose pointed bottom commonly, gondola is very rare, if you want to improve the strength, the cost will be high, suggest not to use flat.


Although do not recommend using flat-bottomed boat, like fishing so relaxed leisure activities, was quite good. By the first paragraph we know what is a Jon boat, so its stability is how to judge 。The ship's course stability is one of the basic content of the maneuverability of the ship, heading on the stability of high and low, directly affect the ship Persons to sex is good or bad, the bartender to sex or course stability good ship, rarely in direct steering can be better To, when the ship steering redirection can better faster steering, steering can also faster in steady down. course The stability of the ship and the ship to sex and protect itself, such as underwater lateral area has a lot to do. About the economy and of the ship Safety, analysis and study factors affecting the stability of ship heading, has important practical significance.

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