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What is the boat beam

Dec 5, 2015

If directly ask you: what is the boat beam, you must be confused about! In the research field of modern ship structure design, the limit state analysis of ship hull girder is also more and more get people's attention.This is because the complete structural design is with the real strength of hull girder reserve closely linked together!To understand the actual strength of hull girder reserves, ultimate strength of hull girder is essential to a correct  analysis and evaluation. In this way can we truly understand:what is the boat beam. 

This article used Caldwell and others directly calculate the ultimate strength of hull, consider double bottom and top edge water tank's contribution to the ship hull ultimate strength, will first hull girder section stress distribution when the whole identified as: in the condition of sagging, deck and deck near the side are buckling, double bottom area for both the yield and other parts remain elastic;  Under hogging condition, double bottom and the bottom  side between the buckling, deck and the top edge water tank area for   all yield, other parts remain elastic state! Determine the hull girder at the time of the whole section stress distribution, the key is to determine the limits of plate frame buckling strength! This is the "what is a boat beam" a simple explanation 

For roll instability of reinforcement in the reinforced plate, stiffener lateral buckling is derived by energy method,the total potential energy functional of when using the minimum potential energy principle to solve the critical stress of the buckling mode. For welding residual stress, initial deflection and lateral horizontal stress, the influence of the thinking as a parameter of the limit of the hull girder structure buckling strength can be said simply to hull  girder cross section in limit state on the stress of each part and its corresponding to the neutralization and the product of the distances. It is easy to understand: what is the boat beam, and the analysis and evaluation to it!

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