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what is the boat called in rowing and its development

Dec 5, 2015

When it comes to rowing race, everyone will think of the  Olympic Games in the first place. But, What is the boat called in rowing .In fact,rowing belongs to the canoe, kayak include kayaking, are two head of small boats without crutch. Canoes movement belongs to speed endurance project, so, often in canoes movement, can effectively enhance the function of the human cardiovascular system and respiratory system, the development of the whole body muscle strength and endurance.  It can also be used for exploration and survey, reconnaissance and tourism, has certain practical value. Know what is the boat called in rowing , here we will introduce the origin and development of it.

Canoes movement, oarsmen take a special boats, by one or several oar oriented direction into the boating. Canoes movement originated from the primitive fishing and hunting and transportation process of the production practice. Modern canoes movement was started in 1865, Scottish mike McGregor blueprint for a canoe, imitation a rule called "neumann norbu -" number of the boat, 4.57 meters long, 0.76 meters wide,  weighs30 kg. In 1936 in the 11th Olympic Games, kayak sport officially listed as the Olympic Games. Simple to understand what is the boat called in rowing, next here are canoes movement’s development.

In 1867, he founded the royal canoe club held the first canoeing competition. Since then, the canoes movement gradually rise, to the end of the 19th century, canoe is very popular in Europe, it also makes them has a dominant  position in the competition, more than 90% of the Olympic MEDALS were won by European countries. Later, the slalom project in 1972, the first stage of the Olympic Games, it is a developed in the second world war to the new project. From 1976 to 1988, does not have a slalom project, but in 1992 and has resumed, after that continues to this day, with a man three and a gold medal.I believe that through  this article, you will not only look at what is the boat called in rowing,and better to understand the importance of it for the Olympics! 

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