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Precautions of buying fence garden refractory

Dec 5, 2015

Fence garden refractory is one of the most popular used refractory materials in the market. With the development of science and technology, we have an increasingly big demands for the refractory materials, therefore, we would put high emphasis on the special performances of the refractory materials. In this case, we successfully invent and develop the fence garden refractory, which is now widely used in many places. 

In this essay, it will briefly tell us the quality conditions of fence garden refractory, especially when we want to buy fence garden refractory, we should know the criteria to determine whether the fence garden refractory is good or not, we should specially pay attention to the quality of fence garden refractory, so that we can maximize the usage of them. 

Generally speaking, if we want to know the quality status of fence garden refractory, we can check from below aspects. We can check the cross section of fence garden refractory. When the fence garden refractory is cut, we can check the section status. Even and smooth yellow or pale yellow sections mean the normal status of fence garden refractory. When there are black spot or concavities, and their distribution is spread, then they will have severe influence on the performances and functions of fence garden refractory. If there are red spots on the sections, that means the iron is oxidized. 

We can also check the appearance colors of fence garden refractory. The normal colors of fence garden refractory are white, pale yellow and brown. But they can also be dark brown if they have high percentage of iron. We can check the appearance defects of fence garden refractory. We can check from different aspects, namely falling out angles, softening deformation, cracks and chaps. For example, for silicon fence garden refractory, the cracks and chaps are generated because of the stress in the fence garden refractory.

In short, we can know how to judge the quality of fence garden refractory, so we can have a good understanding when we buy fence garden refractory.

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