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How car tires are rated

Dec 5, 2015

In life, we judge a thing is good or bad,  only used after know! But for the tires, if in the process  of use, out of the question, can cause some damage and loss!


So,we must learn:how cars tires  are  rated. Tires evaluation is necessary,but very expensive. Original   user and the owner of the vehicle tires, hope to improve the service level of the tire. Original tires manufacturers requirements before tire manufacturing, often identified the characteristics of the tire.At the same time points out the scope  of used tires evaluation modern tire performance requirements. Tire test efficiency and advice is with instruments, or partner has the advanced means, for vehicle manufacturers to meet them.Now  put  forward detailed performance requirement of tire, During the tire production, has been to "how car tires are rated", made a detailed plan, let's discuss! 

In product development process, some of the commonly used test evaluation of tire structure performance include: (1)   high speed - at 4 tilting Angle; (2) high  speed/temperature rise test (truck tire); (3) usually the structure  of the  test; (4) bead performance; (5) pressure to wear;  (6) tires inflated; (7) to take off the ring; (8), for example,people often use a shear curve, holographic, thermal analysis and ultrasonic test. In tire indoor experiment, in order to further test in detail, discusses the root of the tire damages

one of the most important. This is a statistical   analysis of field, and is a complex near the control experiment under the condition of the field of mathematical projections for the damage of the tire. So,that how car tires are rated is not difficult ,As long as have mastered more than eight,it becomes very easy.

Tire test time-consuming, expensive and complex, tire producers hopes to achieve or exceed the service life of tire and performance indicators, to avoid the contradiction between the tire structure design and materials. In addition, in order to shorten the development cycle of tire and vehicle, industrial requirements before the tire and vehicle  production,complete the evaluation of the tire. So, in the context  of the current actual situation, contrast remains a big challenge! For a car,in addition to know:how car tires are rated,The most important

thing is:car host mainly take care of your car.

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