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what is a total organic carbon analyzer

Dec 5, 2015

Do you know total organic carbon analyzer?If you do not know ,in the following article ,I will tell you what a total organic carbon analyzer is.

Maybe many people heard about total organic carbon ,yes,total organic carbon analyzer is its special Measuring instrument.It measures the concentration of total organic carbon, which is expressed by C mg/L. It can completely reflect the organic pollution index.The relevant data of the organic matter in the plant and the content of organic matter in the waste water can be measured accurately, so that the new waste water discharge standard in China has also increased.It has the advantages of simple process, good reproducibility, high sensitivity, stable and reliable, and the measurement process generally do not need chemical medicine.What’s more,it do not produce the second pollution in the most situation, there is absolutely oxidation and so on.Its principle is based on the conversion of different forms of organic carbon into carbon dioxide, which is easy to measure carbon dioxide, and the corresponding relationship between the carbon content of carbon dioxide and total organic carbon. According to the different working principle, it can be divided into combustion oxidation non dispersive infrared absorption method, conductance method, gas chromatography, wet oxidation and non dispersive infrared absorption method, which can only be used for the combustion oxidation non dispersive infrared absorption method.It can be divided into two kinds: difference method and direct method. Difference method for the determination of its value of the method principle Water samples were injected into high temperature combustion tube and low temperature reaction tube. The water samples of high temperature combustion tubes are high temperature catalytic oxidation, so that organic compounds and inorganic carbonates are converted into carbon dioxide. The water samples of the reaction tubes are made by acidification and the inorganic carbonate is decomposed into carbon dioxide, which is generated by the non dispersive infrared detector, and the total carbon and inorganic carbon in water are respectively measured. After the water samples are made, the organic carbon can be directly determined by the aeration of the water samples, which can be decomposed into the carbon dioxide and the carbon dioxide can be decomposed. However, due to the loss of volatile organic compounds in the process of aeration, the measurement error can be caused by the loss of volatile organic compounds in the water samples, so the determination results are just the organic carbon values.

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