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how to fill car tires with air

Dec 5, 2015

Some girls quite like air balloon and can ill balloon with air easily.Then,do you know how to fill car tires with air ?how to fill car tires with air is the same as how to do with the balloon.but there are some difference.

Firstly ,it should be selected in the time after stopping and waits to tire completely cool. Do not be  eager to inflate the car just stopped.Because the car tires heat by rolling friction,resulting in tires temperature rise and the tire pressure in ,affecting  the charging of accuracy.Have done this ,then how to fill car tires with air?before you fill the tires with air,you must check whether the gas inside the tire is clean. Because the edge of the road some small repair shop, the poor, dirty and charging equipment. Filling the air in the tire may contain water, oil, rubber tube which will cause deformation and metamorphism or early damage phenomenon.Those are for preparation ,then next we will learn how to fill car tires with air.when inflatable try not to loose or get out of the valve core, rely on increasing the pressure forced aeration, to prevent causing the valve screw trip leak. After the completion of the charge,should be dipped in the water on the valve nozzle, check whether the leakage, so as to see the situation or replace the valve core. Filled out, should also complete parts of valve cap, valve into the mouth to prevent sediment 

That is how to fill car tires with air ?Have you mastered it?A lot of thing are interesting ,we need open our eyes and learn more something.

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