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How to measure a car wheel diameter?

Dec 5, 2015

How to measure a car wheel diameter which is a problem we must consider in our daily traffic. Wheel is a part of the car, which has a very important role. Cars have different sizes, so the size of the wheel is not the same.Changing the wheel size may affect the entire engine and transmission operation, choosing the correct wheel size is necessary, because it can ensure that you are normal and safe driving. In the international, measuring the size of the wheel using a millimeter as a unit, so make sure you have the right tool to measure the size of the car, then how to measure a car wheel diameter by ourselves?

How to measure a car wheel diameter? First carefully check the wheel sidewall, you will notice that the side wall of the wheel provides important information regarding the expected purpose of tire, load capacity, size, high temperature, high speed of durability, and the size of the majority of tires in the beginning of the letter. This information can help to identify the type of vehicle and the type of service they manufacture and design. For example, those with the beginning of the P are for the "passenger car", "temporary standby" is represented by the letter T. LT said, light truck measurement tool". These numbers are marked in the back of the letter. To make the accurate measurement, the key is the correct tires aerated, which for to solve the problem of how to measure a car wheel diameter play a key role.

Similarly, the tire should be fully inflated, and is mounted on the wheel. The cross section height represents the vertical distance of the measurement. In order to prevent the measurement is not accurate, you should remember that the tire should get rid of the load. As for the tire width, it is measured in the outer edge of the tire . The outer diameter is the distance between the upper and the lower part of the tire , and the tire should be no load and ensure the accuracy of the measurement. Finally, the diameter of the tire and the wheel should be matched. This helps the vehicle to function to play to the best.

In general, these suggestions are just some general ideas about how to measure a car wheel diameter. In order to better understand, you should read more instructions.

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