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The role that building construction company has played

Dec 5, 2015

Description: Building construction company plays an active role in our communities by contributing to projects that make them wonderful places in which to live, work and play. Each year, building construction company contribute more than $1.2 million to community projects, organizations and events.

Total sales revenues of the top 10 increased 35.84 per cent and 92.45 per cent from 2004 and 2003, a trend showing the increasing influence of building construction companyises have on the Chinese real estate market.In addition to enterprise scale, development potential, profitability and comprehensive strength, which are the major features studied in 2004 and 2005, building construction company's financial liquidity and social responsibility are also considered in this year's report.

The results have become one of the important standards for judging the operational strength of Chinese real estate enterprises.

Predicting a sustained growth of the construction industry, most of the real estate firms are actively reserving land resources for future development.

All in all, building construction company has played an important role in Chinese real estate economy.We should pay attention to this kind of phenomenon and take the opportunity to make Chinese economy more powerful.

Living a healthy lifestyle is very popular at the moment, so  building construction company have adjusted their marketing strategies and launched a series of environmentally friendly and energy-saving housing projects.

Focusing on the "green, healthy, energy-saving and environmental-friendly" aspects, housing projects developed by Canada LVC International Investments Inc, Beijing Yongtai Real Estate Development Co Ltd and Xiamen Yuzhou Group Co Ltd enjoy great success in the market.

Their tailor-made products have satisfied the demands of targeted customer groups, and increased their market shares significantly.

Researchers found that successful developers attached high importance to local market developments, where they build up their brands and stand creatively at the forefront of the local real estate industry.

Covering different fields, these companies have more options to hedge particular industrial risks.

Thus they have gained a more balanced growth through integrating diverse operations.

Despite a dropping share in the top 100 list, State-owned developers still play a pivotal role in the industry.

With a longstanding reputation and professional staff, they have increased their competitiveness in the real estate market.

Based on a market-oriented strategy, they have optimized their resources and maintained a leading position in the real estate market.

The developers, labelled as comprehensive real estate companies, are capable of providing a package of services and products to meet the needs of their customers.


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