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How does a wireless cctv system work

Dec 2, 2015

    Do you know how does a wireless cctv system work? network monitoring gradually towards security monitoring in recent years, more and more users to test the people soon as the future development trend of new technology, wireless monitoring liked by most people, then how does a wireless cctv system work?

    Many people might be in wireless monitoring the new things is not very understanding, how does a wireless cctv system work is also more don't understand, we simply introduce to how does a wireless cctv system work.

    Wireless monitoring is not wiring (cable) USES radio waves to transmit video, audio, data and other signal monitoring system. Wireless monitoring system is a combination of monitoring and wireless transmission technology, it can be different locations of the site information real-time transmission to the wireless monitoring center by wireless communication means, and automatically formed video database facilitate retrieval in the future. It works can be divided into three steps, the first acquisition front-end users by the installation of the monitoring sites, including intelligent network cameras, wireless alarm trigger, etc., used for gathering alarm information and monitor screen. Then monitor refers to the user terminal for receiving alarm information, view the monitor screen, control acquisition front-end equipment, including computers, mobile phones, pdas, etc. The last service room is farsighted communication company in order to ensure the system can run normally and set up dedicated server room, computer room includes addressing, SMS server, server network hard disk, etc. Service the farsightedness communication company is responsible for the computer maintenance. This is how does a wireless cctv system work?

    Hope everybody has a simple understanding of how does a wireless cctv system work, if you want to more in-depth understanding, can go to check the information.

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